Become a Productivity Powerhouse

93% of Your Girl Friday clients say we increase their productivity by up to 5 hours a month. Your Girl Friday adds value that will directly impact your bottom line.

Concierge services, an essential business tool to:

Enhance Culture

Increase Productivity

Attract Talent

YGF is the best employee perk you could offer. I have referred YGF to several other businesses in the area. They are tremendous.

Eldon Sprickerhoff

Michelle is absolutely fantastic! Her bubbly personality brightens up my day when I see her in the office. She is very accommodating and able to help me run errands when I am in a pinch. I most enjoy her trips to speciality shops for coffee, bagels, and craft breweries, which are normally difficult for me to get to.

Kellen Bailey

Your Girl Friday is a life saver! I rely on Michelle and her associates to not only provide routine services like picking up grocery staples, but to help with more selective shopping like find the right gift for that someone special. As part of my job, I travel constantly, and YGF helps when I’m not home to complete chores or pick up essential shopping. Of all the perks at eSentire, Michelle’s concierge service is second to none! She and her team are irreplaceable!

Mark Sangster

Your Girl Friday services have kept me in this 9-5 at eSentire. I really didn’t know how to pull this job off and I thought I had to work from home or do part-time job. Your services have made it 100% possible for me to work here every day and go home feeling accomplished.

Makenzie Van Eyk

Alleviate the burden that personal tasks place on a company’s resources.

Enhance employee benefits with:

  • Errand-Running, Grocery Shopping, and Prescription Pick Ups

  • Merchandise and Gift Shopping

  • Managing Dry-Cleaning and Alterations

  • Coordinating Car Detailing, Servicing or Tire Changes

  • Offering Special Discounts with Local Area Merchants

  • And more…

It’s the day-to-day life stuff that takes up mental energy and causes stress while I'm at work. If I think of something I need to be done, I just shoot YGF an email and I know it will be taken care of so I can focus on work instead.

Nathan Weirsma

Choosing to go with Your Girl Friday's concierge service was a fantastic decision for eSentire. Our employees see it as a major perk – because if there’s anything they need, it can be done for them while they’re at work.

Shari Knight

Your Girl Friday has a been a true life saver some days! Last minute dinners, forgotten birthdays, run out of dog treats, she’s been to the rescue! No task is too small or too big and the special lunch days is just one of the perks of having YGF around.

Sandra Stagg

YGF is one of the nicer things about the company. The fact that we get this service for free makes me feel appreciated and valued.

Riddhima Chandani

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